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Every service is provided with great detail.  I ask for complete style or goal on how you would like your makeup done.  Samples are encouraged, but not necessary. Any questions please feel to reach out!


The BRIDE has an important day. Nothing more

satisfying than knowing you and bride-maids can be too.


about me.

Yelitza YMake Up

       Thank you for visiting!  The beginning all started with my passion and love for makeup.  As, I began dabbling in my mother's room I knew then that makeup would be an art form.  As time progress their was more for me than just playing in the room with blushes and brushes, I wanted to show the inner beauty to the outside.  

The moment came when people began to notice my makeup every where I went. Compliments from other beautiful women showered my inner beauty with questions such as, "if I did this for a living?"  It was then that I realized their is something in helping other women with beauty on the outside.  


So, I took to the floor running and slowly started my company, "YMakeup!" 

YMakeup is a magical place where I the artist make YOU the dreamer relinquish YOUR inner BEAUTY!



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